What is land clearing?

Land clearing is the process of taking a piece of land and clearing it out. This can be an area with an ample number of trees or an area with previous structures on it.

What can I do with my space once the land has been cleared?

You can do a variety of things with your space once McCully Land Services LLC clears your land, build a barn/ shed, add an addition to your home or put in a new pool!

Do you service residential and commercial properties?

Yes, McCully Land Services LLC provides land clearing services to both residential and commercial properties!

Do you provide free estimates?

Yes! McCully Land Services LLC provides free estimates on land clearing services, call us today to schedule a consultation today! (803) 682-9440

What is forestry mulching?

Forestry mulching is a method in which your land will be cleared by using a single machine to do so.

What are the benefits of forestry mulching?

The benefits of forestry mulching are, zero waste, prevents erosion, long- term soil improvements, can done completed any time of the year and can eliminate the number of ticks you have.

What is debris removal?

Debris removal involves removing unwanted materials from downed trees to debris left over after projects.

What types of debris can you remove?

McCully Land Services LLC can remove trees, materials from Contruction projects, storm clean up, and more! Call (803) 682-9440 for a free estimate!